OK2A Sponsors

OK2A-Logo-bottomFiocchi Ammo Club has offered OK2A and its Sponsors an honorary club lifetime membership. The club lifetime membership will allow OK2A Staff and Sponsors to have access to case quantity ordering privileges for Fiocchi ammunition at deeply discounted prices. OK2A is the actual lifetime member; and paid sponsorship is required to participate in this privilege. All Sponsors in good standing will be eligible to participate. OK2A will be responsible for determining Sponsors’ status and eligibility to participate.

OK2A Club Lifetime Membership Ordering Guidelines:

  • OK2A quarterly ordering due dates: January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15
  • Fiocchi full line product is available for ordering. Orders must be in case quantity. Case quantity varies by caliber.
  • Fiocchi pricing subject to change. Fiocchi current pricing will be provided during quarterly ordering periods. OK2A pricing includes shipping.
  • Order changes will not be allowed after order is submitted.
  • Order quantity addition only will be allowed and may be subject to shipping cost if shipped at a later date.
  • Fiocchi product subject to back-order. Orders will be filled and shipped according to priority.
  • OK2A Sponsors will make full payment in advance to OK2A. Full payment must be received by OK2A for order to be included.
  • OK2A will make full payment prior to ammunition shipment.