Fiocchi Ammunition


Fiocchi, officially operating as Fiocchi Munizioni SpA, was established in Lecco, Italy in the year 1876 by two Fiocchi brothers, Giulio Fiocchi and Giacomo Fiocchi. Fiocchi was founded as a family business and still operates today as a family business with four generations as past or present executives.

In the year 1876 Giulio Fiocchi purchased an existing black powder and musket manufacturer that had become bankrupt. The Fiocchi brothers were willing to risk being profitable in the production of the newly developing metallic cartridge ammunition. Therefore, in the year 1877 the production of Fiocchi hunting and sporting ammunition began.

During WWI Fiocchi became a principal supplier of ammunition to the Italian army, and after WWI Fiocchi flourished. However, WWII was much less successful for Fiocchi because the manufacturing factory was seized by the Nazi Wermacht. The Nazi effort to destroy the factory was thwarted by Fiocchi workers, but the British and American bombing was not. The bombing destroyed most of the factory which required reconstruction.

The Fiocchi factory reconstruction demonstrates the family and worker loyalty to the business. Seven Fiocchi brothers decided to rebuild and approximately fifteen hundred Fiocchi workers decided to assist to accomplish together a complete reconstruction in approximately one year. The reconstruction was complete with new modern equipment specifically designed by Fiocchi engineers to produce modern ammunition. The new factory with superior design and technology allowed Fiocchi to gain an edge over other ammunition manufacturers in the 50’s and 60’s.

Fiocchi_side_logo_red_1Today, Fiocchi is still headquartered in Lecco, Italy with other international divisions, including Fiocchi of America in Ozark, Missouri. Fiocchi annually produces tens of millions of rounds of military ammunition, 1.2 billion shotgun primers, seventy million shotgun shells, and several hundred million empty primed cases for other manufacturers.

Dedication to quality is first of two primary standards for Fiocchi. Fiocchi produces different kinds of loads by altering priming and powder mixture parameters, some specifically for different environmental factors such as humidity, heat and cold. “Fiocchi primers are known for their extreme consistency and ideal balance between heat ignition and gas production, and Fiocchi has a very low standard of deviation within the loads,” according to Costantino Fiocchi.

Dedication to precision is second of two primary standards for Fiocchi. Fiocchi intimately involves top Italian shooting competitors and Olympic gold medal winners in production by working with technicians at the Fiocchi Lab. At the Fiocchi Lab competition target shotgun shells are produced and testing is performed by the competition shooters. Fiocchi tries to translate the shooter’s desires into production, which provides confidence for the competitor knowing that the cartridge was made just for them.

The Fiocchi ambition is to bring a classic and timeless offering to the market in terms of the highest product quality and innovation at a competitive price.

Why Fiocchi ammunition? Simply stated, Fiocchi means quality and reliability, like precision-drawn brass cases (never steel), copper or brass jacket bullets (no steel/bi-metal), non-corrosive boxer primers, clean, consistent domestic powders and bullets made in USA.

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